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Private group, site, or institution portfolios can be accessed by the URL without logging in by going to the URL in Mahara before 21.10.1 and 21.04.3

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09 February 2022, 17:26

Vulnerability type: Incorrect access control
Attack type: Remote
Impact: Information disclosure
Affected components: Portfolios created in groups, on the institution, and the site level that have not been shared.
Description: In Mahara 21.04 before 21.04.3 and 21.10 before 21.10.1, portfolios created in groups that have not been shared with non-group members and portfolios created on the site and institution levels can be viewed without requiring a login if the URL to these portfolios is known.
Reported by: Doris Tam
Bug report: Launchpad 1959146
CVE reference: CVE-2022-24111

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