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Proposal: The Mahara Shell (mash)

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14 January 2022, 10:11

I am a recovering Drupal developer and one of the major tools that we have there is Drush.  The Drupal Shell. This became the goto tool for anything that involved interacting with a Drupal site from the command line.

My proposal is that we modernise how we manage the cli interaction with Mahara.

Details >>here<< and we'll be discussing this at the next Developers Meeting as well.

Just as a heads up: I've been working on the Elasticsearch 7 update and found myself needing to do some repetitive tasks a lot. I've actually made a start on this so that I could do these things.  It's rough, it includes a tweaked version of the existing lib/cli.php, and it isn't included with the Elasticsearch 7 work. I'd rather check with the community before making an arbitrary addition like this.

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