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20 December 2008, 12:44 AM

I googled and found below.  Same here, I hate to ask this, but I'm being askded -:). Is there an update on this? Thanks!

> By: Howard Miller
> Accessibility [ reply ]  
> 2007-12-08 04:39 I hate to ask this, but I'm being asked.
> What's Mahara's accessibility position? There seems to be quite a bit of Ajax involved,
> is there a fallback position?

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20 December 2008, 5:22 PM

Hi - currently, Mahara requires Javascript for certain sections of the site, most notably My Files. But we are working to decrease that over time.

The Views framework all works without javascript.

Over time, we will tend towards new features working without javascript - no new functionality will require it, although new stuff may be enhanced if you have js available.

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