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site very slow but everything seems to be fine

07 February 2021, 3:17

Hi all,

just surviving the heart attack that loosing the whole maharadata dir gave me last night (see my other post in this forum) I would like to ask for some  help in understanding the reasons for the malfunctioning of the site.

Mahara is 20.04, the site has no more than 200 users, disk space is not an issue, database is mySQL, memcache cannot be run as it is a socket due to shared hosting, as far as I know, and I do not have a strong enough background in setting up server/client to start investigating the issue on my own.

Problems are as follows:

Authentication problems

All users authenticate through moodle with LTI. Sometimes, unpredictably, authentication will fail and send users back to moodle.

In addition when I login through moodle (my only access to te site) sometimes, buy only sometimes, it will log me in and warn me that I am masquerading as myself (i.e as myusername).

Random Logging out problems

while navigating through users' pages it would suddenly log me out, bring me back to moodle and require me to authenticate again

Navigation speed problems

The whole site has become really sluggish (never been brilliant!) so that at any time more than 5 users are logged simultaneously it can hang forever.

Any suggestions on what to look for or what to start checking first would be greatly appreciated




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