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Install Mahara on nginx in subdirectory

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26 January 2021, 20:48


I'm moodle admin at a school. 

We have moodle running on our own server. I'd like to know, if it's possible to install mahara on that same server in the same vhost using a subdirectory, like

If possible: How can I do that? The nginx examples for reverse proxy configuration are for the root location, and as they grab all php, they will clash with the moodle installation for sure.

If not possible: Which way to go? New vhost on the same server?



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01 April 2021, 10:45

Hi Andreas,

If I understand you problem correctly you are wanting two sites on the same vhost.

I don't think you can do this by having Mahara in a subdomain.

but you might be able to get it working if you have the Moodle and Mahara sites on different ports.


Something like:

Where goes to port x

and goes to port y

Hope that helps


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