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How to enable Portfolio Completion

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15 January 2021, 4:04

Mahara 20.10

The docs show an option in the Institution settings for Portfolio Completion

However, on my site I can't find an option to enable this on an existing Institution. The option isn't there. See attachment. 


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18 January 2021, 13:01

Hi Howard,


As you can see in the manual page for the portfolio completion:, this need the sign-off block to be enabled in the system to work.


To check if the sign-off block is installed in Mahara, go to Admin menu -> Extensions -> Plugin administration .

Under 'Plugin type: blocktype' find the 'peerassessment/signoff ' line and make sure it's installed.

After this, the progress completion switch should be visible on the institution settings.




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21 January 2021, 2:04

I missed that important step completely.... thanks very much for your help. 

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