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Mahoodle set up disabling moodle admin account

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22 July 2009, 8:23

I have currently tried twice now to get mahoodle working, and I have hit upon the same problem twice - once I have completed everything and (unsuccesfully) tried to log into mahara from moodle (it tells me it cannot log on at this time), if I try and log back into moodle with my admin account I get the following message.

Returning to this web site?

Login here using your username and password
(Cookies must be enabled in your browser)Help with Cookies must be enabled in your browser (new window)
Invalid login, please try again
If you are a Moodle Network remote user and can
confirm your email address here, you can be redirected to your login page.

If I log in with a normal account, I do not get this message, and I can log in fine.
The following are links to the screenshots of setup in mahara
I do not know what I am doing wrong, or if there is something wrong with my server.
I hope someone can help
Ian Watts
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22 July 2009, 9:15

Hi Ian,

It seems a bit odd that Moodle is not recognising your admin account anymore.  If you're handy with the database, you could try making sure that the admin user has their mnethostid field set to whatever the localhost id is (look in the mnet_peer table).

Other than that - the fact that you can't sso into Mahara is also worrying, can you check the webserver logs?

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23 July 2009, 6:23

Hi - could you try turning off 'update user info on login' and seeing if that helps?
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23 July 2009, 13:28


I have tried turning it off. Actually this problem of the admin account in moodle being disabled has gone, so I will reply to the other problem in the other thread. Sorry about the length of the access logs - I will learn next time.


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