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Preview Mahara 19.10

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10 October 2019, 12:55

Hello Mahara community,

We are delighted to invite you to preview Mahara 19.10 before we release it at the end of October.

This first preview version of Mahara 19.10 is available for download. You can download it or access it on Git. If you do not have a test server available where you can install it, you are welcome to check it out at

Please report any issues you come across as soon as possible to us via Launchpad, along with information on reproducing the issue. Find out more about creating a good bug report on the wiki.

We will review your reports and decide whether any of these issues would need to be fixed before the stable release of Mahara 19.10.0. If bugs are found that are critical to the working of Mahara, we may produce another release candidate. Otherwise, this release candidate will become the final 19.10.0 release.

Mahara 19.10 will have numerous new features that focus in particular on the usability of the platform. They and all others are all listed on Launchpad with the "nominatedfeature" tag.


Some new features include:

  • Placeholder block
  • More flexible layout
  • "Details" mode, in particular when giving feedback
  • Show artefact comments on a page via a modal
  • Assignment plans
  • Colour or image for page header background
  • Removal of database triggers
  • Revoke portfolio submission when done via LTI

Check out these new features in a recent presentation to KiwiMUG.

Currently, we are updating the Mahara manual. Stay tuned for an update on that.

You can view a list of all the bugs that have been fixed and new features that will go into Mahara 19.10.

We look forward to your feedback on the new features, and the installation or upgrade process.

The Mahara 19.10 release managers at Catalyst

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24 October 2019, 16:42

Hello Mahara Community,

We have just published the second release candidate for Mahara 19.10. We have fixed a few bugs identified in the release candidate 1.

We ask you again to help us test this version of Mahara, to make sure it will work well on your site. You can find the release candidate 2 for 19.10 following the link:

19.10 RC2



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