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Problem with sharing of pages

06 August 2019, 20:23


wie have a problem with Sharing of pages in our Mahara-System. SHARED WITH does not work. In our testsystem although is everthing fine... We don't know, if we missed some settings or it is a kind of bug.

Here are the screenshots:




Our official Mahara:


Here i can't choose the users, who i want to share my page with. And also, I can't define a sharing period. When i click on save nothing is happening an my page is not shared.


Do you have maybe any suggestions?



Ramón Ovelar's profile picture
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06 August 2019, 21:24


We had a similar problem a couple of months ago, the menus to share pages or collections did not show up, the same that happens to you if I have well understood your message. In our case, some CSS fixes (included to put some frontpage elements at the same level) were hiding these elements. ¿Have you made CSS changes in the site where you are experiencing that issue?


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07 August 2019, 7:35

Hi Natalia,

There was a bug in the system where certain date structures would fail in this way.

For example, if the date format was DD/MM/YYYY

It would work fine for a date like 17/3/2019

but fail for a date like 6/7/2019

because the system couldn't detect which was the month part and which was the day part correctly

There was a patch made and released in the 19.04.1 release to fix this problem

Please try upgrading to that to see if it fixes your problem or not



07 August 2019, 22:29

Hi Ramon, hi Robert,


thank you very much for your messages. Your tips are very helpful and we fixed our problem already! It is realy nice, that i can get support on this forum so fast!








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