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Export: rename folder

28 June 2019, 3:01


I'm trying to modify the export plugin for special needs.

I would like to know if it is possible to rename the folder export in the theme.
For example in the raw there is plugintype/export/html. I would need to change the name of the export folder (for example plugintype/newexport/html). It's possible? Is it in the lib.php of export?

Thank you!!!
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28 June 2019, 11:27


Currently there is no way to load custom version of html export for plugin

However, in htdocs/export/html/lib.php around line 143 looks to be where it fetches all the plugin export/html/lib.php files

You could alter things there to fetch the newexport/html/lib.php for a particular plugin

But what would be nicer is if you placed the newexport/html/lib.php into a htdocs/local/export/html/ directory as something like plugintype.lib.php and check for that file and use that one, if it exists, instead of the original

so before line 143 have something like

if ( -- some check for the local file -- && safe_require(-- the local file --)) {
... load the local version in a similar way to current code ...
else if (safe_require('export', 'html/' . $plugin, 'lib.php', 'require_once', true)) {
... curent code ...

Hope that helps



01 July 2019, 19:53

Hello Robert,

Thanks for your answer..!

I'll try this and I'll keep you updated smile

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