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08 July 2009, 21:48

Gosh, Mahara UK 09 is nearly upon the organisers (July 15th). From what I have heard the event is very fully subscribed. This is very positive and strong indication that it should form a regular part of the calender in education circles.

 Thanks should go to ULCC and in particular Philip Butler for working so hard on this. I am sure it will be a big success.

 Personally I am very sorry to miss the event and booking for '10.

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09 July 2009, 9:48

Is any of this conference going to be Ustreamed? Or recorded for those of us that can't make it can learn later?


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09 July 2009, 14:41

It's a great idea John, but this year's event was approached as a 'pilot' and we intended to keep it small.  We've been surprised at the level of interest and certainly look to make Mahara UK10 a bigger event.  A report of this year's event will be written and circulated for those that couldn't make it, and those who are on our growing waiting list.

best wishes, Philip

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10 July 2009, 15:35

2010! Hopefully!

I am looking forward to any helpful information coming from this conference. Hope it gets posted.



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22 July 2009, 4:02

Dear all,
Can I add my thanks to everyone who made Mahara UK09 such a success.  When we had the idea for the conference and began to plan the event, it was literally sticking a toe in the water; what type of event should it be and would anyone would be interested in coming?  The evaluation forms suggest we got it absolutely right.  We had a lack of wireless which was annoying, and an understandably disgruntled delegate who had ordered a special diet and didn't get it.  However, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and everyone is looking forward to Mahara UK10.  ULCC's Frank Steiner arranged for the keynotes to be video'd  and these will be added when ready some time next week.

very best wishes
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