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Video.js doesn't load correctly by "Files, Pictures and Videos / Embedded Media"

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12 January 2019, 1:57

Hello at all,

in my Mahara there is a general problem with embedding videos. Videos uploaded to Mahara and to be embedded are not displayed correctly (too large) and parts of the video.js player are visible.
The problem can be seen with different video formats and across all types of browsers.

The videos are not playable.

It seems that the video.js player is not loading correctly.
Looks like it's the same here:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-11 um 13.27.34.png


or here:

Does anyone have an explanation or even a fix?

Best greetings and many thanks


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14 January 2019, 10:33

Hi Stefanie,

It looks like the css styles for the videojs library are missing from your Mahara site, the system administrator has to add them to be able to display the embedded videos correctly.

- One way to fix it would be:

make sure the following file is present in this folder

and the line
@import "../plugin/blocktype/internalmedia";
is present in file

after that just run the command 'make css' to rebuild the styles for the site

- If the styles were not created by compiling but instead the Mahara system was installed by downloading one of the tarballs in, then:

  1.  download the tarball again for the Mahara version that you have installed.
  2. replace the htdocs/theme/default/style/style.css in your code for the one in the compress Mahara file (I guess 'default' theme is the one you are using for what I see in the screenshot, if it's not, change to the corresponding theme directory for that theme)

I hope this helps you solve the issue.


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Posts: 24

15 January 2019, 0:13

Dear Cecilla,

your tip was very useful - there was a version conflict in the compilation tools (dependencies).

You pushed us into the right corner to find it :-)

Thank you very much!

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