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teacher-editable area within student view

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09 January 2019, 0:24

Dear pedagogy forum!


I am rather new to Mahara. I was wondering if there is a way to have an area within a view, which only teachers can edit, whereas the rest of the view is to be edited and filled in by students only.

My plan is to have a table of goals on top of each view, e.g.


# Goal Progress


Competency A 100%
2 Competency B 70%
3 Competency C 80%
4 Competency D 0%
5 Competency E 0%


Below this table, students should collect artefacts which prove that they reach a certain goal. Every once in a while, the trainer can check in on a student's view and confirm the progress percentage in the shown table.

Could you give me a hint on how to accomplish this - or something similar. I was thinking that maybe embedding an external spreadsheet could do the trick.


Thanks in advance,




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09 January 2019, 1:23

Hello Richard,

I guess you could embed a spreadsheet - but this sounds like a good example for using the SmartEvidence feature. This essentially allows you to put a coverpage on the portfolio, which the student can use to indicate which pages they are submitting against each criteria, then the assessor (not the student) can update to show which have been achieved.

It doesn't currently have a % range (the default is worded achieved/partly) - but you can customise wording and criteria descriptions when you design the framework, so it may be possible to create a series of 'milestones' for each 10% achieved (or whatever) - though I would need to play around with a SmartEvidence matrix file to verify if that is possible.

Regards, Gordon.

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09 January 2019, 1:34

Hi Richard,


it looks like you want to use SmartEvidence to achieve this. the way it works is that students collect evidence against competences that you have outlined.  once they feel that they have collected enough that they feel meets the standard they then mark that competency to be reviewed by a tutor and write a reflection and mark where in their portfolio the evidence sits . You would then come in assess the work and verify if you feel it meets the standard.  you have a traffic light system: complete, partially complete, does not meet the standard.  


more detail :


I don't think that SmartEvidence is on by default so an admin will need to turn that feature on.

it is only available 16.10 onwards (i think).   also the standards framework need to be created as a JSON file.  Mahara have example you can manipulate,

 i am not a coder and i managed to work it out i recommend using atom code editor 

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