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Looking for institutions that use Mahara within BRIGHTSPACE

08 December 2018, 4:57

Hi there


Our institution (Ghent Unviversity) is switching to a new learning environment hosted by Brightspace. It has a portfoliofunction built in, but I was wondering if there are institutions that are using Mahara instead as a portfoliotool? I would like to get in touch with people that have experience with using Mahara in this particular context. 


Thanks in advance!



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09 December 2018, 4:46

Hi Melissa,


Our institution has just adopted Mahara. We have integrated it with Moodle, our learning management system. I would be glad to discuss this with you if you would like to contact me at [email protected].



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22 February 2021, 22:25

I would like to reach out to you as we are doing the same thing in Nairobi, Kenya, where I am introducing mahara into moodle. I hope the email still works. Thanks for your feedback.



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09 December 2018, 4:57

Hello Melissa

The University of the Highlands and Islands (Scotland) have been users of Mahara for at least six years.  We have been Blackboard users for 20+ years but have just procured Brightspace.   At the moment, we have our test site set up and are setting up the production site.

We didn't make any attempt to integrate Blackboard and Mahara and don't expect to integrate Brightspace and Mahara.  We will probably follow what we have previously done and have a menu item which sends users to the Mahara site.   We don't anticipate that our users that currently use Mahara will switch to Brightspace ePortfolio but we will make it available as a tool for all.   We are also monitoring the tool, Portfolio, that is currently being developed  but don't expect it to come on stream for a couple of years.



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