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01 November 2018, 1:33

Dear Mahara community:

As was announced in November 2017, our free eportfolio service previously available under has shut down permanently. The site was shut down in October 2018. A shut down notice was displayed prominently on the front page for the entire time. A link was provided to the eportfolio export feature allowing users to download their entire data. All users were contacted at least once via email alerting them to the shutdown. Some universities told us that they had stopped recommending our free service to their students. We heard that within the Mahara community word got around of our shut down notice. Efforts were made to find a new home for the entire service but were unsuccessful.  All backup data has either been deleted already or is scheduled to be deleted in the future. For nearly nine years, we have enjoyed providing a free service to anyone. 


Dirk Meyer, iCampus21


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