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Linking to a text box on another page in a collection

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19 July 2018, 19:42


I wonder whether this is possible. I have a colleague who would like to create a table of contents on the front page of her Mahara collection. She wants to directly link to sections on other pages in her collection. I know you can easily link to other pages, but she wants the link to jump directly to the right section on the page. Is there a way to create anchors in Mahara? Can you think of a way to do this please? 


Newman University, Birmingham

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20 July 2018, 8:03

Hi Anna,

This functionality was added to the 18.04 version of Mahara via this patch

If you need the functionality on an older version of Mahara then making those same changes to your version should be ok.

In Mahara 18.04:

To create an anchor link (2nd last icon on row 3 or editor) you need to highlight some test on first page and add anchor link, eg 'test'

Then on second page highlight some text and add a link (chain icon) and select name of other page from 'Link list' and this should populate the 'Url' section of the form with the url to the other page eg:

Now we need to edit the 'Url' and add to the end of it the link to the anchor. Because the way Mahara works if you add an anchor = test then the suffix to the url will be #user_test
as the 'user_' part is prefixed to all anchor links internally.

so the Url looks like:



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07 August 2018, 22:35

Thank you Robert. That works perfectly. :)

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