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A person connects and Mahara: Site unavailable

22 June 2018, 1:37 AM


We have just installed version 18.04.1
A person connects and the following message appears, you look for the problem in which direction?
The message is :
Mahara: Site unavailable
A nonrecoverable error occurred. This probably means you have encountered a bug in the system


22 June 2018, 8:04 AM

I complete the description of the problem.
It is possible to access his profile page, his shared pages.
But for her, impossible to access his account Mahara.
Surprising, in the administration it is considered to be connected, it is displayed as being online.
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22 June 2018, 8:50 AM

Hi Alain,

There is a know bug with 18.04.1 when you have your Mahara site set in a subdirectory. We already released a fix contained in 18.04.2. If you upgrade to this version you might resolve it. Please check the description of this bug here to know if it could be the issue you're reporting.

If it's not the case, could you please paste here the error logs that you see when having this problem? This can give us more information about the problem so we can help you.


28 June 2018, 6:29 PM


People possessed several institutions, An institution caused this error message and the impossibility of accessing his account. Problem provisionally fixed by removing this institution


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