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Security issue relating to the upload of a virus-infected file <17.04.8; <17.10.5: <18.04.1

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30 May 2018, 17:35

Virus scanner does not check Leap2A zip files

Vulnerability type: Upload of a virus-infected file

Mahara 17.04 before 17.04.8 and 17.10 before 17.10.5 and 18.04 before 18.04.1 can be used as medium to transmit viruses by placing infected files into a Leap2A archive and uploading that to Mahara. In contrast to other ZIP files that are uploaded, ClamAV (when activated) does not check Leap2A archives for viruses, allowing malicious files to be available for download. While files cannot be executed on Mahara itself, Mahara can be used to transfer such files to user computers.

Reported by Swe Zin Lynn, The Australian National University
Bug report:
CVE reference: CVE-2018-11196

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