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Customised Uses of Mahara for Teaching & Learning

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10 May 2018, 1:58

Dear Pedagogy Forum,

I would like to know how Mahara is being used in educational institution (or other contexts) for teaching and learning. Have customisations been made like the following: 

  1. Multi-user access to ePortfolios
  2. Evaluation and rating of learning entered (e.g. a dropdown menu with rating options our of 5)
  3. Ratings averaged and presented in table form and/or diagrams to show progress over given periods of time
  4. Creating new fields on pages in learner ePortfolios from the admin to further break down learning entered
  5. Ability to enter learning in tabular and diagrammatic forms 
  6. A calendar in learner ePortfolios for scheduling and reminders
  7. Admin able to enter and change common info to be displayed at same place in each user ePortfolio, e.g. a top banner
  8. Putting additional icons into learner ePortfolios for navigation
  9. Validation/Accreditation of  learner ePortfolios periodically
  10. Payment feature for users to pay subscriptions
  11. Any other useful teaching and learning features.

I am not looking for the technical side of these features, but just want to know if they are present already in the context of using Mahara for teaching and learning purposes.

Thank you

Neal Lawrence

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