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Mahara install - does not include xml extension

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27 February 2018, 19:56


I am trying to install Mahara and am getting the following error message

"Your server configuration does not include the xml extension.  Mahara requires this in order to parse XML data from a variety of sources.  Please make sure that it is located in php.ini or install it if it is not installed."


See below for config.php file;


$cfg->dbtype = 'mysql';
$cfg->dbhost = 'localhost';
$cfg->dbport = null; // Change if you are using a non-standard port number for your database
$cfg->dbname = 'maharadb';
$cfg->dbuser = 'maharauser';
$cfg->dbpass = 'linux';

* dataroot: The server directory where uploaded files are stored
* For example, valid paths are:
* * /home/user/maharadata
* * /var/lib/mahara
* * c:\maharadata
* INVALID paths:
* * http://yoursite/files
* * ~/files
* * ../data
* This path must be writable by the webserver and outside the document root (the
* place where the Mahara files like index.php have been installed).
* For security purposes, Mahara will NOT RUN if this is inside your document root.
$cfg->dataroot = '/var/www/html/mahara/upload/';


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27 February 2018, 19:59

I am running ubuntu 16.04 with mahara 17.10


See link below to php.ini file;

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27 February 2018, 20:27


I have been able to get past the error message above but am now getting the following;

Mahara: Site unavailable
Mahara could not connect to the application database.

* If you are using Mahara, please wait a minute and try again
* If you are the administrator, please check your database settings and make sure your database is available

The error received was:
mysqli error: [1045: Access denied for user 'maharauser'@'localhost' (using password: YES)] in CONNECT(localhost, 'maharauser', '****', maharadb)

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28 February 2018, 7:43

Hi Derrick,

It looks as though the credentials you are using to connect to the MySQL server are incorrect. Are you able to test via commandline/phpmyadmin to see if you can actually connect to the database?

You may need to specify the correct port or if the MySQL server is not on localhost you will need to give it the correct domain name/IP address



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