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26 February 2018, 6:07

I am testing Warwick's institutional mahara (aka MyPortfolio) on the display of open badges which we issue for Online Intercultural Exchange in language learning. I have put together a quick page which shows the rather varied results. The badges which originated from BadgeList and then shared through Mozilla Backpack don't seem to want to show at all, and the display of badges from Open Badge Passport and other sources seem to display at varying sizes so it all looks a bit odd. Can you give me some tips for how to improve this? 

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27 February 2018, 8:58

Hi Teresa,

The problems you are having with the badges are two problems:

1) The badges with no image showing are due to the files not existing at remote server anymore, eg one of the broken badges has

as the path to the image but there is no image at that path. So the badge information itself may be out of date.

2) The problem with the sizing of the images that do display is due to the Warwick Mahara site not displaying the css styles for the openbadges block - these styles are either inbuilt into theme in version 17.10+ or live in a file found at htdocs/theme/raw/plugintype/blocktype/openbadgedisplayer/style/style.css

If this theme is not showing the css then you may need to copy that file to htdocs/theme/[your theme]/plugintype/blocktype/openbadgedisplayer/style/style.css

where [your theme] is the the directory name of the theme you are using



27 February 2018, 21:12

Many thanks Robert, I have forwarded your advice to our MyPortfolio admin and hope they will be able to resolve the second issue. I will follow up the first one with badgelist. 

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