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Latest changes I can view security issue

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23 February 2018, 8:35

Hi All,

I had a faculty member come to me stateing that he has access to everyones portfolio pages via the "Latest changes I can view" whether they are shared with him or not.

Has anyone else fond this? Is it possible to edit the permissions for the block? or at the very least turn it off untill i can figure it out.



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23 February 2018, 12:37

Hi Peter

With the 'Latest changes I can view' block it will display pages:

- that are shared directly to you

- that are shared to 'Friends' if you are one of their friends

- that are shared to a group of which you are a member

- that are shared to 'Registered users'

- that are shared to 'Public'

If the faculty member clicks on the link to the page from the 'Latest changes I can view' block and can view the page then it means they are allowed to see it.

If however they get a warning about not allowed to view then that is a bug



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