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export impossible au format Leap2A

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23 December 2017, 3:19 AM


Sous mahara 17.10 lors d'un export d'une page ou d'une collection, j'obtiens le message :

Le fichier qui va être créé est trop volumineux. Veuillez d'abord faire un peu de place sur votre disque dur

Alors que le disque a de la place ...

Merci pour vos conseils.



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27 December 2017, 8:03 AM


The way Mahara works out the available disk space for the export is via the function. This function will return false if it is unable to read the 'dataroot' directory.

The returning of 'false' is then treated as there is not enough space.

Is your 'dataroot' directory readable by the web user (eg. 'www-data' in Ubuntu)?



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28 December 2017, 2:11 AM


thanks a lot for your answer but it does not work...,

my data root directory is readable (705), I change the right to 777 to be sure,

i put a script in my data directory and in my mahara directory with 

$df = disk_free_space("/");
$dt = disk_total_space("/");
$du = $dt - $df;
echo $du.' utilisés sur les '.$dt.' au total.';

i have a answer  with no error

" 5109641216 utilises sur les 10434371584 au total"

maybe the probleme is my hebergement  : OVH....

thanks and Have a good day.



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