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viewing content in browser window instead of downloading

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09 December 2017, 3:08 AM

When using the Files to download block or the image block when one clicks on the file to download it goes to another page where oneĀ  must then select the download button and download the file to view it.

In the case of pdfs and images that one may wish to view simply consult without necessarily downloading, browsers can be configured to display them directly, but Mahara preempts this option with this intermediary page that serves little purpose other than to give information on the file type.

I know images and pdfs can be displayed in individual blocks, but one may wish to see an image full size, or present multiple pdfs which would take up too much space.

Is there anyway to configure Mahara so as to bypass this step. i.e. download a file directly or display it in a new browser window?

:) kalli

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11 December 2017, 1:33 PM

Hi kalli,

Hmm, I notice that with a 'Files to download' block that with an item in the list the file name link takes you to the file metadata page but clicking on the line elsewhere, eg on the icon, allows direct download of the file.

That is a bit confusing indeed.

There is some styling on the row where the background colour changes when you can click for download.

In other contexts it makes sense to go to the metadata page for a file, like you may want to leave a comment on an image. But in this context it makes no sense to comment on items in the list as the comments would not be assigned against the 'Files to download' block.

I'll make a bug report for this and see what others think



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