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Mahara theme bug in version 17.10.0 and 17.04.2

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28 November 2017, 22:05

Dear Mahara developers,

I found a theme bug in the  group pages and collections page both in Mahara version 17.10.0 and 17.04.2. This bug will only appear while using the internet explore browser. If there are many pages and collections, system will display the "show more" button. But in internet explore browser, when I click the "show more" button, the system won't take any action. I've checked the code by using the debug plugin as the below screenshot shows.

Would you please help to check this problem? Our teachers are complaining about not able to see more pages.

Thanks a lot.

mahara theme bug.PNG

Best wishes,


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29 November 2017, 14:07

Hello Lina,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We made a bug report and a code patch attached to it:

This should fix the problem for you.




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