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The current index "mahara" has status "yellow" and will need to be fixed up.

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28 November 2017, 21:25

Dear Mahara developers,

I've configured elastic search for our Mahara Server. But there's a warning message as the below screenshot shows.

We have just set up one server for the elastic search. We don't have any cluster. Does that matter?

Could anyone please help to check if this warning message can be ignored?

Many thanks.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.28.58 AM.png

Best wishes,


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01 December 2017, 10:55

Hi Lina,

By default elasticsearch tries to set up a server with 5 shards and 1 replica, meaning 5 (5x1) replica shards try to be allocated.

If you are just using one machine for elasticsearch, eg via localhost, the replica shards fail to allocate. You can set the 'Shards' field to 5 and the 'Replica shards' field to 0 in Mahara elasticsearch configuration page and then hit the 'Reset' button to re-index the site.

When you load the page on subsequent visit that error should have gone away.



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Posts: 61

01 December 2017, 15:55

Dear Robert,

Many thanks for your swift help and the detail explanations. That's really helpful.

I've set up the elasticsearch configure page and reset. The error has gone.

Thanks a lot.

Best wishes,


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