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Mahara minor point releases 17.04.4, 16.10.6, 16.04.9, and 15.04.15

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30 October 2017, 21:09

Hello Mahara community,

We issued a minor point release for the following versions of Mahara. The links take you to the release packages as well as a full list of changes:


There are 3 security issues in these minor point updates and we've also fixed a number of important bugs in these versions of Mahara.
Security fixes are:

Please note that this is the last minor point release for Mahara 15.04 and 16.04. These versions of Mahara will be out of support after this minor point update as we are releasing Mahara 17.10.

Mahara 16.10 will be supported until April 2018 and Mahara 17.04 will be supported until October 2018.


The Mahara release managers

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