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Import Settings to Default 'Ignore' for the Leap2A file

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23 October 2017, 16:17

Hi Team,

We are having the following issue:

When users importing an ePortfolio(Leap2A file), the default setting for the system is to update the current user's name to that of the incoming package.Obviously this is not ideal, as the user's details will be changed if the imported folio is not their own.
Is it possible to set the default as ignore? Same for the contact information.

For instance,

1) Importing Leap2A file of my own file have no issues its default to 'ignore'


2) If we import from other users Leap2A file, Its asking for three options Ignore/Replace/Append as below

We would like to Defaulted to be 'ignore'


Can you please advise on this.




Albi A

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06 November 2017, 15:28

Hi Albi,

You are correct, this is not the ideal behaviour that's why we made a bug report for it.

When a user exports in a Leap2A file it's given the choice of exporting the complete portfolio (including the personal information) or just a few pages/collections.

If the complete portfolio option is chosen, the resulting Leap2a file should be used to import a complete portfolio, then it's correct that the personal information is replaced by default.

If the user selects just a few pages/collections when exporting, then when the Leap2a file is used to import from another user's account the default option for the personal information should be 'Ignore' because it's not the intention of the user to import personal data but only pages/collections.

The difference between a Leap2a file that contains just a few pages and a complete portfolio export, it's in the <leap2:persondata> block. When exporting just a few pages this block will be missing from the XML. If you want to correct the code for your Mahara instance then you might need to look for this block in the XML to import to decide what the correct default option is.

I hope this helps,


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