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Can't activate XML-RPC Authentication

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23 August 2017, 3:06



I am working with a Mahara instance that is running 17.04.2;  the site is set up with SSO to a Moodle instance on 3.0.4.  SSO is working but there is a peculiar behavior that I wanted to report.  Inside the Institution if I go into the XML-RPC settings and change any value 'even just the name' and then save, it will be set to inactive.  From that point I can no longer activate that XML-RPC instance without going into the database and enabling it by changing the field manually. As I mentioned SSO is working perfectly after I enable XML-RPC manually, but I cannot touch the settings without it disabling again.  If anyone has insight, please let me know.

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23 August 2017, 7:30

Hi Robert

This is a known bug as reported

There is a fix for it here


Robert L

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