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Mahara 16.10.4 - automatic image resizing not working.

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11 August 2017, 21:52


We are in the process of upgrading Mahara from 1.8.1 to 16.10.4, and have found that automatic resizing of images is not working - the image is uploaded successfully, but at original size (in this case, 3,376x5,984px):


No errors are displayed in either the browser console or Apache error log.

PHP info shows that both imagick and GD modules are enabled. PHP version is 5.6.30 on Debian 8.

Has anyone encountered this issue and / or could you suggest steps for further troubleshooting, please.




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11 August 2017, 21:55

Possibly related, the "help" button next to the automatic resizing option on the Files page suggests that "you can choose the default setting for this option on your Settings page", but no such option is displayed.

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12 August 2017, 1:00

I have found the solution - "User option" had been set to Yes under Plugin administration:artefact:file:file > Resize images on upload on our system, but "Resize large images automatically" was still set to No. Setting this to Yes enabled the functionality.

I have reported this as a bug ( as it is at least counter-intuitive to be able to display an option to users while the underlying functionality is disabled.

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