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10 April 2017, 2:58


Does anyone know if the Portfoliocommunities site is still used and if Dirk Meyer still manages it?

My account was turned off a few months ago (without me noticing the email) and I've messaged Dirk through here with no luck so far.


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14 April 2017, 10:19

Hi Wullie,

sorry for the late reply. I have not been checking my messages lately.

It looks like your account was removed due to inactivity. We have a 'one year no login' policy and after that accounts are removed.


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20 April 2017, 21:27

Fair enough Dirk, thanks for letting me know.

Was the account/pages suspended or deleted?

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31 May 2017, 0:32

Hello Wullie,

your account was deleted, unfortunately. We have database backups going back several month but not the data. If you really need database, please contact me.

I have since started reviewing the account deletion workflow and made some changes. One of those changes is that users will receive an additional email (send to all the email accounts they have listed in Mahara, not just the active one) using an external tool in which they will be offered to keep their account alive for another year for a small fee.

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