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Repeated Logins

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30 January 2017, 11:02



I've just installed Mahara 16.10.2 on a fresh stack. 


As I navigate around the site I am repeatedly required to sign in. It appears my session data is not being stored. 


My cfg->dataroot is set correctly to /var/www/html/data/

The directory /var/www/html/data/ has permissions set to 777 and is owned by www-data. 


Could someone shed some light on why I need to keep logging in?

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09 February 2017, 12:37

Hi Luke,

Things to check:

1) Is the dataroot path within your webroot path? It should be outside your webroot, eg:

wwwroot: /var/www/html/

dataroot: /var/lib/sitedata/

2) Is the dataroot 'sessions' subdir writable by www-data?

3) Are you allowing cookies in your browser from mahara? and does the 'mahara' cookie have a path = '/' ?

4) Are you using a non-standard apache2 / php setup?

5) Are lines being added to your database's usr_session table when you log in and does the 'session' value match the value in your cookie (and also match the value in your dataroot/sessions), eg if your session value begins with '92bd2a3...' then there should be a value in dataroot/sessions/9/2/b/ called 'sess_92bd2a3...' - the first 3 chars indicate which subdir to find it in.

Let me know if any of that helps



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