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Upgrading from 16.04.5 to 16.10.0/16.10.1 problems

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09 January 2017, 12:52

Hi Mahara users

If you have been trying to upgrade your site from 16.04.5 you may have experienced this error:

ERROR: multiple primary keys for table "artefact_file_mime_types" are not allowed

This is due to an issue created in back-porting a fix for mime types to 16.04.5 that clashes with another fix in 16.10.0 / 16.10.1 that causes the error.

See here for more information


Great, so how do I fix it you ask!

If you are trying to upgrade to 16.10.0 or 16.10.1 you can apply this patch to your code

Otherwise you can wait until 16.10.2 is released as the fix will be included there



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