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Link to validate account does not work

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28 June 2009, 3:11 PM

Good day folks,

I have performed a new installation of mahara 11.5, everything works great with the default language. When using the spanish translation the link that is sent to validate the new accounts drops an equal sign, causing the validation to fail.. The link in english goes like key=andthekey , in spanish however, the equal sign gets dropped.. e.g. ./register.php?key9e51xUIHq7wS3vk6  by adding the equal sign after the key word the validation completes successfully    ...../register.php?key=9e51xUIHq7wS3vk6   ... I am not quite familiar with how this link is created.. can someone shed some light as to what needs to be done to correct this?? 

Best Regards,


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28 June 2009, 6:06 PM

Found the file that needed to be edited.. auth.internal.php and infact the link did not come with the equal sign on it. I added it and it is working as expected.

$string['registeredemailmessagetext'] = 'Hola %s,
Gracias por crear una cuenta en %s.
Siga este enlace para completar el proceso de alta:

 Sorry to bother hope this helps the spanish community.

 Best to all,


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29 June 2009, 3:16 AM

Thank  you very much for spotting it and let us know, Victor.
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