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Promote Mahara to my institute ..

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26 June 2009, 12:44

Trying to draft something to introduce/promote Mahara to my institue at
Any suggestions will be appreciated... (or corrections Smile)

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26 June 2009, 22:50

Hi - looks good! You might want to consider adding the Moodle integration as a good feature?
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27 June 2009, 1:24


I have some materials developed for "justifying" Mahara use. In other words my research grant app's, but the are on the level of why use eportfolio's no so much directly why Mahara.

Our facult of physiotherapy has a full implementation of Mahara going right now and I am using it in an education faculty. The first more for assessment and certification and the latter is for developing a meaningful learning experience.

anyway I could share what I have though it's not so much why Mahara is best suited, though I have a little bit on that.





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