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Mahara Portfolio use in Schools of Education. Help to find others educational experiences.

30 May 2016, 23:06

Dear forum members,

My name is Laura and I am a PhD student of the faculty of education of Málaga (Spain). At present, I am researching about Mahara Portfolio in the formation of the future teachers. In my school, the portfolio is a very important tool in some subjects of the preschool education degree. Students use it for writing their diaries, reflections and analysis, as well as upload their works and take conscience of their self- professional and personal evolution.  

However, I would like to know other European or English Speaking Universities where Mahara Portfolio is significant for the formation of the future teachers.  

My intention is to visit these universities the next year to learn more about their experiences.

Does anyone knows or belongs to a faculty of education that meets these or similar characteristics?

I would appreciate any information or help you could provide me. Thank you very much for your time and assistance in this matter.


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31 May 2016, 7:52

hola Laura,

I believe that mahara is used in Warwick's teacher training programme, I worked with them on it some years ago. The best person to tell you about it is possibly Jim Judges as he will have an up to date picture.

I am in the School of Modern Languages and we do use it as described here Good to "meet" you


(Principal Teaching Fellow: [email protected]

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06 June 2016, 5:27

Dear Teresa,

did you ask Klaus (Himpsl-Gutermann) via Twitter if he can support a PhD student in her eportfolio mahara research?

I am a colleague of Klaus (I work for him in the Center for Educational Technology and Innovation) and would like to let you know that we would, of course, be happy to support a student in her eportfolio research. She can contact me at [email protected]

best regards,

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01 June 2016, 10:53

Hola Laura I work at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. Eportfolios are used in the Faculty of Education here as part of a range of courses in the pre-service teacher education programme. This includes multi-year Bachelor's degrees and also one year Graduate Diplomas. 

For more info you can contact me by email [email protected]

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01 June 2016, 19:44

Hi Laura

 I introduced e-portfolios (Mahara) into the Initial Teacher Training (in service)  programme at Hadlow College in the south of England.  I would be very interested to exchange information with you about this.  In England we have something called the Professional Standards which the trainees  have to identify within their practice and I have set up a collection  to allow them to collect evidence against these standards.  (The trainees are working in Further Education so mainly 16 – 19 years but  also with some adult and HE courses and schools groups).

 It would be very interesting to exchange information about the impact this has on the development of new teachers.

Kind regards

> Louise

[email protected]

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06 June 2016, 6:37

Hi Laura,

You can contact me as well if you like. My education college has implemented Mahara as part of their teacher competency portfolio. Myself and our technician Graham can likely provide some information on process and outcomes. We have about 350 undergraduate students per year involved with's part of most instructors course work and all students participate.


[email protected]




07 June 2016, 20:41

Hello everybody!

What a surprise! There are plenty of excellent places.

Thank you very much for all your messages. All the proposals are very interesting and I shall certainly keep them in mind when choosing a destination. I'll communicate with you when I have completed some points of my research here. I'm really really grateful for your help.

¡Thanks a lot!

Kind regards. 


22 August 2016, 20:11

Hello Laura,

The University of Lausanne for Teachers Education is also using Mahara and other eP tools. Happy to discuss this with you.

I am also finishing a PhD on this subject with the OpenUniversity. So also happy to discuss about your project and exchange our point of view.


Dominique-Alain JAN

[email protected]

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17 November 2017, 0:13

Dear Laura:

I find really interesting your research topic, and I would apreciate very much if you share your thesis here when you have finished it :-)

Thank you very much and good luck with your work!!

Kind regards,


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