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How to fill in embedded PDF form?

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24 March 2016, 5:13

I think I'm missing something simple - please bear with me!

I have a form in PDF format which I can fill in OK.  I have uploaded it to Mahara and placed it on a page but can't complete the form.  Is this possible?



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25 March 2016, 12:40

Ditto I've just put up a reflective practice PDF which will allow the boxes to be filled in however this feature isn't working in mahara!

 Like marion can anyone enlighten please?


This would be an extremely useful feature and it would certainly sort out issues I'm having in tables while trying to achieve the same document

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25 March 2016, 16:40


I believe the embedded PDF is using PDF.js from Mozilla. They state on Github that PDFs  opened this way are, in effect, in read only mode. Forms and annotations will not work.

I think the PDF would need to be opened by the reader or the Acrobat program to make it work the way you want. I know that Chrome will let you fill in form fields if you open the PDF in a new tab but not Firefox or Edge (aka IE).


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29 March 2016, 8:44

Many thanks for you prompt and comprehensive reply...

very helpful..

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