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Skins not working in profile in 15.10.1

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17 February 2016, 5:07 PM

Skins on the profile page are not applying font changes in my 15.10.1 instance. This seems to have appeared before in and I suspect has returned. 

Can anyone confirm that skins are working on their user profile page? They work fine on any other pages created.




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18 February 2016, 9:49 AM

Hi Patric

Thank you for your report. Yes there does look to be a few missing style classes in the profile page template in regards to skins.

I've filed a bug report and added a patch to get this fixed



Patric Lougheed's profile picture
Posts: 75

18 February 2016, 9:59 AM

Thanks Robert,

That was quick! We are doing a series of screencast tutorials on using the new interface and this stopped us in our tracks. Skins is proving to be very popular on my site.


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