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New Theme - Essential 2

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25 January 2016, 10:37

Hello Mahara community.

Here I am sharing our new theme Essential 2. We are releasing this theme because the original version was popular but unfortunately not working with  Mahara 15.10 or later and it does not seem to be maintained either. Rather then upgrading the original, we decided to start fresh and call it Essential 2. It is a pretty good match to the corresponding Moodle Essential theme also. We hope to be able to support this theme into the future. Enjoy.

Download it here:

Below are some screen shots:
Mahara Dashboard



Mahara Page




Moodle dashboard - for comparison



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25 January 2016, 21:37

Thank you so much, Dirk! :-)


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30 June 2016, 2:20

Hi, Dirk

Thank you for sharing this amazing theme. Is this a responsive theme?

Best Regards


Dirk Meyer's profile picture
Posts: 425

30 June 2016, 5:15

Hello Jason,

yes it is. Glad you like it.

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