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mahara for Program QA/Accreditation?

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06 November 2015, 8:17

Apologies for cross-posting (Facebook MUG)


I have a question for the group, based on an engagement I have with a university up here in Canada:

One of the ways they would like to use Mahara/Moodle is to support program-level quality assurance initiatives such as cyclical program review, gathering evidence of student learning associated with program-level learning outcomes, and accreditation.

I know that Mahara, unlike platforms like Taskstream, was not originally designed to do this, but...

Are there any institutions out there who are successfully using Mahara/Moodle to support similar program-level quality assurance initiatives? If so, we would be interested in learning more about how they are using the technologies and any insights they might have into
the more administrative/logistical side of things.

I'm currently looking closer at the assignment plugin...

All feedback/suggestions welcome!


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