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I am writing the exact wwwroot but it keeps saying "Incorrect WWWRoot or Application: file not found"

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26 October 2015, 20:46

Dear all,

I installed

  1. Moodle 2.9 and
  2. Mahara 15.4

on two different Linux machines and managed to make them both secured (i.e. using SSL key) 


Now I want to integrate Mahara into Moodle (mahoodle) so:


  1. I turned on the network on Moodle,
  2. I turned on the network on Mahara,
  3. Add a new institution in order to add the XML-RPC authentication method


So what it keeps saying is the following:

An error occurred while retrieving the public key from the remote server.<br>Please ensure that the Application and WWW root fields are correct and that networking is enabled on the remote host.<br>404: Incorrect WWWRoot or Application: file not found.

And I extreme sure that I wrote the exact wwwroot as it is written in the moodle config.php file (Note that I managed to use https in wwwroot)


Your assistance will be a really great benefit for me.

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