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A table called 'group'

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17 June 2009, 15:41

OK, I dont know how you did this but it would appear someone was able to create a table in the database called "group" which is a reserved keyword according to:

 mysql> SHOW TABLES LIKE '%group%'
-> ;
| Tables_in_mahara (%group%) |
| group |
| group_member |
| group_member_invite |
| group_member_request |
| grouptype |
| grouptype_config |
| grouptype_cron |
| grouptype_event_subscription |
| grouptype_installed |
| grouptype_roles |
| view_access_group |
| view_autocreate_grouptype |
12 rows in set (0.00 sec)


How do I describe this table? I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with groups! By the way creating tables using reserved keywords is a really really bad idea.


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17 June 2009, 19:51

Firstly, no it's not. It's the database's fault for not understanding the context when you do things like DESCRIBE group;. Postgres handles this fine.

You can do queries against it by quoting it using SQL standard quoting: double quotes. E.g.:

SELECT * FROM "group";

In Mahara, we turn on the SQL standard quoting so we can use double quotes for identifiers. But if you connect to a mysql shell, that mode probably isn't turned on by default, so you will probably have to use the MySQL specific quotes:

SELECT * FROM `group`;

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18 June 2009, 10:22

Hi Nigel,

 I learned something from your post, thanks, though the double quotes wont work I think the backticks will, Its been a while since I worked with postgres, I do remember that DBMS, didnt want to start a flame war between the two.


I will give the backticks a shot.



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