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What do the emboldened and * mean in notifications?

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14 September 2015, 20:56


May I check - - what is the difference between the red emboldened settings and the remaining ones?


I thought that they might be default notifications or essential ones but I can't quite pin it down.  Can anyone offer definitive guidance?


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15 September 2015, 15:16

Hi Andrew,


Essentially, the ones in red are notification types that every member of your Mahara is allowed to see, whether they be an admin or simply a member.

And as such they are compulsory to have set with this form.

The ones in grey are only used / seen / set-able by admins so not compulsory to set.

If you log in as a normal user you  will notice those ones in grey are not displayed.

Hope that helps


Andrew Field's profile picture
Posts: 10

15 September 2015, 17:57

Great - thank you for the helpful summary.
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