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07 September 2015, 12:11


I am assisting a work colleague who is delivering Child Studies by distance education in the VET sector who is looking to trial using Mahara for the collection of work placement performance assessment evidence gathered from both the learners and the workplace supervisor.

Work placement evidence is currently collected using paper based documentation, phone, email and video submitted on disk or usb. The big challenge is the number of students which could potentially be in the thousands. Planning to trial with a small group of volunteers using a group and template based collection of pages for gathering evidence for each cluster/topic (one cluster/page) and an additional page for holistic presentation of video evidence. My colleague is also hoping to setup performance sheets so that they are accessible by workplace supervisors only for completion and electronic submission to the teacher/assessor via Mahara - possibly using a page/learner and shared using secret URL with the workplace supervisor.

Is there anyone using Mahara in a similar manner or who can provide some examples of how you have/would approach a scenario similar to the one outlined above?


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