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Institution Fields Locked / Unlocked

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17 June 2009, 1:04 AM

Hi we have two institutions.  One is No Institution and other is ORG_NAME.

In both institutions the first name and last name are locked.

Now, if you unlock these fields in ORG_NAME institution than users in this institution should be able to change these fields in their profile. But they are not able to change these as fields are still locked for them even after unlocked in site administration.

Now, including above changes if you also unlock these fields in No Institution than users from the ORG_NAME institution are able to change these fields as they are unlocked for them.

Is it normal? Is it a bug or feature?

If it is a bug okay I can report it to tracker.  Wink

If this is a feature than seems irrelevant. Laughing

Note :  when these fields are unlocked in No Institutions and locked in ORG_NAME institution than users of ORG_NAME are not able to change these fields in profile. This is fair.

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17 June 2009, 7:37 PM

Yeah I think the intention is that by default, no fields are locked.

"No Institution" lets you override that default by locking fields for the whole site.

Other institutions can lock fields that are left unlocked by the site (="No Institution"), but I don't think there is a way for them to unlock fields that are locked at the site level.  So site level locking is inherited, but can't be overridden.

By the way, I do think it's confusing that Mahara makes you edit site default stuff in the "No Institution" institution (it would be less confusing if it were under site options or something), but we won't have time to change that in the near future.  For now I think I might just add a note on the "Edit No Institution page" to explain how it works.

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17 June 2009, 7:38 PM

.. and file a bug so we remember to fix it later Smile
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