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Problem with secret url and pages after moving server

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13 August 2015, 1:57


I moved our Mahara 1.8.1 from one server to another (Centos 5.10 to Centos 6.6) but only the IP address has changed, name and everything else remained the same.

One user had a page created and shared via secret url with some people and some of them were able to view it but now when the url is accessed it comes up with

Access denied
You do not have access to view this page.

Access denied

The wierd thing is that the page has disappeared as well and I cannot find it. I logged in as the user and took every page one by one and couldn't find it. If I have the string at the end of the url - is it a way to look it up in the database to see which page it belongs to? Any way of retrieving that page?

Many thanks,


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13 August 2015, 9:09

Hi Marius,

If you have a url with a token ( ie contains t= ) then you can do a search on the database like this:

  SELECT v.*, va.* FROM view v LEFT JOIN view_access va ON va.view = WHERE va.token = '[token from url]';

Where you replace the [token from url] with the actual token.

The result should give you some information including who owns the page (either owner, group, or institution) will contain an id number.

If owner then:

 SELECT * FROM usr WHERE id = [owner id from first query];

Will give you who owns the page.

If no result is returned it could mean the user has deleted the secret url from the page's access (Shared by me) page



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13 August 2015, 20:12

Found it, many thanks Robert!

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