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Autocomplete with Mahara

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16 June 2009, 22:45

In case anybody is wondering, the jQuery javascript library will work with Mahara (MochiKit), so you can implement an autocompleter on a text field if you want.  It took me a lot of trial and error to find that jQuery's seems to be the only autocompleter that will work with Mahara (which uses MochiKit). 

All the MochiKit autocompleters that I tried failed to work properly in both IE and Firefox. MochiKit doesn't have a working autocompleter included in the library.  Scriptaculous/Prototype conflicts with MochiKit and doesn't work reliably. jQuery does work.  However, you do need to use the no conflict setting, which is super easy.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this bit of information along in case someone is looking to add an autocompleter to a text field.  It'll save you a lot of frustration to just go with jQuery.

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