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10 June 2015, 2:11 AM

Odd problem with embedly, specifically ISSUU content.

ISSUU displays fine to the page/collection owner and system administrator, but does not display to anyone else. Specific issue with shared pages and secret URLs.

Anyone experienced this or know the fix?

Many Thanks

Roger (Solent, UK)

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15 June 2015, 7:13 PM

Dear Roger,

you have to put these link into "Allowed Iframe sources" (…/admin/extensions/iframesites.php) is not enough ;-) because the iframe you get has this url-part.


Roger Emery's profile picture
Posts: 46

15 June 2015, 9:37 PM

Hi Stefanie,


Thanks for your reply. I already have that URL in the allowed iframes.

The file works fine as an iframe, It just does not display through embedly when shared. Unfortunately lots of students have used embedly for their portfolios for assessment.

The embedly works perfectly for the student (portfolio owner) and for admin, just no one else.




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