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Issue with secret urls

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02 June 2015, 1:05

Hi everyone

I am facing an issue with our mahara.

We installed Mahara 15.04 on our test plateforme, and created a specific theme for our institution.  When playing with this new release, i discovered that we have an issue with pages shared with secret urls.  All pages that have a text block are showing the wysiwyg editor. Strange...

Of course, i suspected our theme. But even with the default them, we have the same issue (with all internet browsers.. :-(

Link to an example of page with secret url :

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated :-)




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02 June 2015, 11:30

Hi Emilie,


Ah yes this is a bug with the way enabling HTML editor is handled.

I've filed a bug report for it.

While you wait for it to be fixed you can get around the problem by doing this:

If you go to 'Administration' -> 'Configure site' -> 'General settings' and change the 'HTML editor' from 'enable' to 'User-defined'

The problem should go away for viewing secret page urls when not logged in

Emilie Lenel's profile picture
Posts: 112

02 June 2015, 19:19

Hi Robert

Thanks for the information and the bug report.

Indeed, I could get around the problem by setting 'HTML editor' from 'enable' to 'User-defined'.



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