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Upgrading Mahara 1.9.2

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13 May 2015, 10:17 PM


I have run some tests on upgrading our current Mahara 1.9.2 installation to Mahara 1.10.2 and 15.04 and in both cases the user 'settings' and notification inbox disappears from the top-right of the page and only the user's name with link to their profile appears.  Also, in 15.04 the top-menu structure to allow you to 'Return to Site' disappears and I have to press backspace on the browser.

Does anyone have any ideas why this could be happening?


Thanks in advance,


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14 May 2015, 11:17 AM

Hi Richard,

The menu items that appear are generated initially from the functions in the lib/web.php file eg: right_nav()

But they can be overridden by hooks in the local/ directory if you have a local/lib.php file. eg: local_right_nav_update($menu)

Also the displaying of the menus are done via the theme's templates topright.tpl and navigation.tpl files, eg:



I'd check that the 'returntosite' link is present in your theme's navigation.tpl file

and that the right_nav() function is returning the data you expect



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